Flamingo e.V.

We feel solidarity with all the people that have had to flee from their countries of origin and are searching for protection from violence, persecution and inhumane conditions. After having arrived in Berlin, many of them still have to live in precarious conditions with their children. The available support structures cannot cope any more.

Flamingo e.V. is an association located in Berlin which supports women refugees and unattended minors. Flamingo e.V. wants  to provide these people especially in need of help who have difficulty to get the support they need due to their gender, socialisation or age with a structure where refugee women and unattended minors can establish a new and independent life for themselves. The Amali Foundation provides the Flamingo e.V. with office and consultation space free of charge. In addition, the Amali Foundation provides the Flamingo e.V. with regular financial support.

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