HILFE-FÜR-JUNGS e.V. (HELP FOR BOYS) supports young men who are subject to or endangered by sexual exploitation and violence. The goals of the association are to promote the rights for a life free of sexual violence for boys, improve their health and provide them with the chance for personal development and participation.

* Operates the project “Berlin Boys” for prevention and consultation for boys who are subject to or endangered by sexual violence
* The project “Ambulant Help” 
provides help in educational and family issues
* Operates “Subway” – a place where boys and young men can go who are working in prostitution

* Operates a mobile doctor and consultation bus
* “TsL – Trauma sensitive Learning” provides help for boys who have, as a result of sexual violence, trouble learning and also provides teachers with educational programs for this topic
* Starting 2017 with the project “Hope for the future – mobile trauma support” it will offer therapeutic help for young men who have been the victim of sexual violence.

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