Sacred Birthing

All over Europe more and more midwives are forced to give up their professions due to the rise in insurance costs.
In Germany, in the last years the insurance fees for midwives have grown tenfold.
In Uk, many independent midwives were forced to give up their practice when the government made it compulsory for them to have public indemnity insurance, which initially was not available to them. Later, when they found a broker who was prepared to give them insurance, the premiums also was so high the majority were driven out of practice.

This means today women no longer have choice about who provides their midwifery care. The vast majority of women are only offered a hospital birth with a midwife they have never met before.
A growing number of women see these medicalized births as traumatic.A third of all babies born in hospitals are born by Caesarean section.
But even with „normal“ hospital births many women feel traumatized.
35 % of the women stated interpersonal events as their most traumatic experience during their birth experience. They felt alone, not supported, badly counseled, ignored or pressured.Often, this invasive form of birth triggers traumas experienced in the past (consciously or unconsciously) and thus leads to doubly traumatized women.


Sacred-Birthing seeks to safe-keep the ancient craft of midwifery by tending, nourishing and passing on traditional hands-on midwifery skills.

Sacred-Birthing offers Supervision for doulas and birth assistants, Retreats for pregnant women and an Advanced Doula / Birth Assistant Training which trains doulas to support women throughout the process of giving birth with counsel, help and trust.

Sacred-Birthing was born from a desire and passion to make a difference, and realizing that the role of the doula is more necessary now than ever before.

Sacred-Birthing intends to develop outreach work in the UK, Africa and internationally, with a particular focus on vulnerable and disadvantaged communities.

„One of my personal motivations for this is a consequence of my concern that birth -a potentially empowering experience- is becoming an experience which traumatizes women or stimulates trauma that women might carry from other experiences. Research indicates that having one-on-one support throughout birth by someone that the woman trusts can mean better outcomes. We need women to be alongside women to support them through birth ,so the role of doula or birth attendant is more important than ever.“
Fiona Shaw, Co founder of Sacred-Birthing

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