SOS Méditerranée

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) estimates, that since 2002 46.000 refugee people died when crossing the Mediterranean Sea.
Nevertheless there is no existing comprehensive maritime rescue program.

SOS Méditerranée is a European, maritime and humanitarian organization to rescue shipwrecked people in the Mediterranean Sea.
SOS Méditerranée was founded by European citizens in May 2015 - in response to the dying in the Mediterranean and the inactivity of the European Union to bring that situation to an ending.

Between februar 2016 and Dezember 2019 SOS Méditerranée was able to resque almost 31.000 people from drowning and welcomed them on board of their resque ships.

Since summer of 2017, the efforts of many civilian aid organizations are being negatively influenced by policy makers - the closing of Italian ports for civilian rescue ships as well as political blockades and discussions when it comes to taking in and distributing saved refugees, makes saving lives for humanitarian organizations,
such as SOS Méditerranée, increasingly difficult.
Also, the long waiting times before safe ports can be entered after rescue missions lead to extremely intense and medically unbearable situations for the rescued people as well as the teams on the ships.

A portrait of Captain Klaus Vogel

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