against suppression in the name of honor.
A project to further equality

We believe in a society in which every person, no matter what gender
and cultural background, has the same possibilities and rights.

HEROES are young men from multi cultural backgrounds,
that want to facilitate change in society.

During an intensive training they deal with issues such as
equality, honor and human rights.

To question societies structures and talk openly about them with others requires a positive attitude and courage.

HEROES are role models.

They provide respectful workshops for people their age in schools and other facilities and make difficult topics more accessible for young people by offering alternatives.

It is their goal to motivate youths to take a stand against suppression and also to reflect on the possibilities of equality in every day life.

HEROES provide services for youths, teachers and social workers.

HEROES is a project by the Strohhalm e.V.

For further information visit: https://heroes-net.de/