Stand By Me Lesvos

Stand By Me Lesvos is a local Non Profit Organisation in Lesvos which works under the principles of empowerment, self-help and education.

We are local teachers, professors, and small business owners working with refugees. Together, we want to create an opportunity where refugees can improve their education, learn and grow their skill sets.

While international NGOs come and go, here in Lesvos: We live here, we share our home with the refugees and our commitment and our projects are for the long term.“

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Corona Emergency

As Corona Virus spreads around the globe, little attention has been paid the to unique risk that refugees face from the virus. Due to the terrible hygiene conditions, the lack of potable water, no clean toilets, raw sewage, living in tents in the rain and cold, and poor health care available the refugee population is at an extreme risk.

Stand By Me Lesvos runs the project Refugee CIR which provides crucial information to refugees living in Greece in their first language.
Stand By Me Lesvos also helped to set up the Moria Corona Awareness Team.

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